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We offer assistance with immigration matters, specializing in employment-based visas and green cards. Our services include advisement regarding appropriate timing and immigration options, the filing of all official government paperwork, and responding to any associated Requests for Evidence.

Employment-Based Visas (H-1B) and Green Cards

H-1B visas grant temporary worker immigration status to individuals coming to the United States to work in a specialty occupation, and can be valid for up to three years.  H-1B visas may be extended for an additional three years upon renewed filing.

Lawful Permanent Residents (or those with “green cards”) are individuals who have been approved to permanently reside in the United States.  Employment-based filings include green cards based on extraordinary ability and those based on advanced degrees.

Other Categories of Lawful Permanent Resident Filings

Other filing categories for Lawful Permanent Resident status include: green cards through family, green cards through refugee or asylee status, green cards for human trafficking or crime victims, green cards for victims of abuse, and green cards through other categories.

To discuss your immigration options in more detail, contact Jim Williams & Associates at 423-230-0006 to set up a free consultation.