Bankruptcy is a major area of the comprehensive legal services offered by Jim Williams & Associates to our clients in Tennessee and Virginia.  We know financial problems can create significant stress on individuals and families.  We also know that the timely resolution of financial matters relieves stress and anxiety.  This is why we diligently work with clients to achieve a timely resolution of financial issues through the bankruptcy process.

Many good people find themselves facing bankruptcy through no fault of their own as the result of a divorce, loss of job, death of a family member, business failure or loss, or other unforeseen circumstance that has left them in dire financial straits.  U.S. bankruptcy laws are not intended to punish citizens for financial problems.  They are designed to protect both debtor and creditor and give you the opportunity for a fresh start.

Many families facing bankruptcy are afraid that they will not qualify, but this is simply not the case. Our attorneys in Kingsport will guide you through the bankruptcy process and advise you as to the type of bankruptcy you qualify for.  While a person may be eligible to file bankruptcy, there are limits placed on individuals who have previously filed for bankruptcy.

Typically a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be filed every eight (8) years.  Under Chapter 7, the debtor receives a discharge of all dischargeable debt usually within four (4) months from their meeting of creditors.  In the majority of Chapter 7 cases, the debtor loses no assets and gets a fresh start without retaining the overwhelming burden of debt they now carry.  Additionally, under Chapter 7, you can protect, or keep, certain assets under existing federal and state law exemptions.  For those individuals not eligible for a Ch. 7 bankruptcy due to income requirements.

Chapter 7 / Chapter 11

Debt Consolidation / Reorganization / Liquidation

Business / Personal

  • Protect assets like your home and car
  • Identify exempt assets
  • End creditor harassment now
  • Eliminate Debt Immediately
  • Get a fresh start on your financial future

Bankruptcy is a difficult decision that should never be taken lightly.

If you are:

  • 3 months or more behind on a mortgage
  • Wages are being garnished
  • Credit card bills are unpaid

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Jim Williams & Associates has helped numerous families and businesses throughout Tennessee and Virginia protect assets and avoid financial disaster by filing bankruptcy.  From our downtown Kingsport, TN office located at 324 Cherokee St. Our bankruptcy attorneys in Kingsport are well prepared to guide you through the process of filing bankruptcy and/or resolving a bankruptcy issue.

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