Bankruptcy FAQ's

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about Bankruptcy…

Question: Do I have to go before the Judge?
Answer: No. Most debtors never see a judge in the bankruptcy process.

Question: Can I just file a medical bankruptcy?
Answer: There is no such thing as a medical bankruptcy. The majority of your debts may be medical bills, however, all debts can be included.

Question: Will I lose my retirement?
Answer: Most retirement funds are exempt and do not take from your personal property deduction amount. ($10,000/$20,000).

Question: Can I keep my car/home?
Answer: Most debtors are able to keep their cars and homes as long as they continue to make payments.

Question: Will they take all of my “stuff” (personal property)?
Answer: A single person can keep up to $10,000 in personal property and a married couple $20,000.

Question: Do they publish my bankruptcy in the newspaper?
Answer: No

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